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Does anyone have any ideas of a summer program or a computer program that might benefit an ELL to continue to work with language over the summer while school isn't in session? My ELL is a unique case, he came from China as a boy, and he had a cleft palate along with hearing issues, so his vocabulary is very limited. He technically has no first language because he couldn't hear when he was in China, and he has only been learning language since he was brought to America around 6 years of age. I am seeking a program or instructional material that he might be able to continue over the summer to help him continue to build vocabulary and proficiency.
momof5 I first wonder how old the child is because I have a student (K) whose sister (high school) attended English classes at a local library. She taught her younger sister.

I would suggest it is free but they might want to start with pre k no matter what the age to get the basics. I also suggest hooked on phonics. I don't know where ...See More
Apr 29, 2017
drobs Thank you, Donna, for your reply! He has been working with a speech therapist for a long time, and he will likely get speech services for as long as he is in school. He gets them all year long. He knows what the basic sounds are, he just has a hard time making them accurately due to his circumstances. He absolutely needs vocabulary work. It is also...See More
May 1, 2017

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