Re: To Teach Fifth Grade or Younger?

    Thank you Ana for taking the time to respond to my post. I appreciate
    you sharing your experiences with me. Your insight of "mothering" the
    students was valuable to me, because I want to teach more than I want
    to spend my day mothering the students. Right now I manage student
    workers at a university and sometimes have problems with establishing
    my authority and therefore am not respected by my students. I have a
    hard time at trying to draw the line of being too nice and their
    friend. Do you have any advice on that? Does anyone else? Thank you
    again and thank you for your well wishes.
    On 2/08/11, Ana wrote:
    > I absolutely adore working with my tweens every day.
    > They are old enough to accomplish so many standards,
    > but young enough to enjoy the idea of being at school.
    > Prior to teaching fifth grade, I taught at the primary
    > level for ten years. Although their are great joys to
    > be found at that level, such as seeing students light
    > up when they finally catch on to reading or a new math
    > concept, I found I was spending a lot of my teaching
    > day "mothering", which was emotionally exhausting to
    > me. I'm glad I have that in my background, however,
    > because I believe knowing where your students have
    > been, both academically and emotionally, is just as
    > important as understanding where they're headed. (I
    > also taught at the junior high/middle school for two
    > years...never again!)
    > Best wishes; keep your options open to whatever life
    > has in store to teach you!
    > On 2/08/11, Heather Wilson wrote:
    >> Thank your for your insight. That excitement to learn is what I
    >> am looking forward to. I know that students at even younger
    >> levels are excited, but it is a different interaction than with
    >> 9 and 10 year olds. Although 4th and 5th graders are not
    >> adults, they are on a higher maturity level than say a 2nd
    >> grader and you can hold a more intellectual discussion with
    >> them. I love science and know that the standards for our state
    >> for 5th graders would be a lot of fun to teach. Thank you again
    >> for your advice. Take care.
    >> On 2/04/11, ny/5 wrote:
    >>> I taught 6th grade for 6 years and have been in 5th for the
    >>> past 6 years. I enjoyed 6th grade because the curriculum is
    >>> interesting, the literature is great and the students are
    >>> independent. What I didn't like about it was the pre-teen
    >>> attitude, the first year of dating and all the problems that
    >>> come along with that. That being said... I LOVE 5th grade, and
    >>> wouldn't go any lower than 4th. It's a great grade to teach
    >>> for all the reasons listed above, except they're still young
    >>> (for the most part), still get excited when you read to them,
    >>> love doing science labs, will sing a silly song to remember
    >>> concepts and still listen to their teacher.