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I am currently a student in a MAT K-6 program and am unsure about what grade I would like to teach. I would like to be at a grade level that still enjoys coming to school and is still excited over activities. I have considered first or second grade, but really enjoy the criteria at the fourth/fifth grade level. If anyone with experience could give me any information on your fifth grade experience I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you so much!
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Amanda Sat, 31-Dec-2011 > I'm curious to hear more about the Cornell notes. Is this the > only homework you give each night? Do the students write a > summary every single night? Could you tell us more about what you > do. > > Thank you! Sacha >

They have one math worksheet, and one summary essay each night. They write every...See More
Apr 28, 2011
bec I would also consider what your talents are. Primary teachers tend to be more loving, huggy kind of people, with lots of patience for teaching the obvious, like how to stand in line. I think teachers of older children tend to have stronger personalities ( to stand up to a 5th grader who is taller than you) maybe a quicker wit to enjoy verbally spar...See More
May 10, 2011
Crystal My experience as a public school, 5th grade teacher has been very joy-filled and challenging at the same time. I enjoy the age of 5th graders because they have usually not yet begun to deal with puberty and hormones; they are still naive about many things; they understand (most of the time) how to work independently and what school expects of them;...See More
Jul 8, 2011
Francie I just finished my tenth year teaching fifth grade. I love this grade because at my school the 6th graders are top dog, so the 5th graders are still sweet and have not discovered the opposite sex.

The fifth grade students are still respectful, and will listen to you. I teach the standards, but also try to teach values. I have a weekly wri...See More
Jul 9, 2011
Athena Thank you for the helpful post! This is my first year teaching 5th grade and love the idea of the quote of the day. Would you mind sending me a list of quotes you've used?

Jan 19, 2013

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