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I'm starting a 5th grade book club in an inner-city Title 1 school. I've done "The Scorpions" by Walter Dean Myers in the past and am looking for some high interest books for my student base. Also, any suggestions you may have would be great.

Thanks in advance
Orly April is the financial literacy month. I would like to recommend the novel “How Ella Grew an Electric Guitar” that I co-authored and was already adopted by several schools. Faith Ward from the Garrison Forest School wrote a great blog about the activities that she did with her class about the book : “ Literature, Lemonade and lessons in finan...See More
Dec 1, 2012
roundstanley Book Wizard is always a great place to hunt for books. You can search by reading level, topic, author, etc. It's a free resource. Fifth graders can learn to use it themselves.

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Dec 2, 2012

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