Re: Subbing help in 5th grade

    On 1/28/13, Ms. J wrote:
    > I retired last year after teaching second grade more than
    > 20 years. Since I love teaching, I decided to do some
    > subbing in my old school, as well as other schools. I will
    > be subbing in fifth grade next week, and wondered if anyone
    > could give me any tips on handling this age effectively.

    You shouldn't have any problems - you'll find your stride. I
    always recommend holding the lesson plans in your hands almost
    always and adopting an air of being pleasantly brisk. Many
    subs make the mistake of coming in with a chip on their
    shoulder or playing Teacher For The Day rather than
    recognizing that they are there to keep everyone safe and keep
    relative order - they're not there to rework the classroom,
    establish new rules or bring a stranger's authority to the

    None of that should apply to you - you're an experienced
    teacher of many years of experience. Many subs are people
    returning to teaching after many years away or brand-new to
    teaching. Especially in your old school you're not going to
    have any problems even in a different grade.
    Have fun.