Re: States and Capitals

    Ask an adult who doesn't reside in North Dakota how important
    it is to them whether or not they know about Bismarck.
    Memorization without context or connection is not so
    meaningful. Given that this region is producing a lot more
    news that affects everyone, maybe this would be better:

    On 6/16/11, 4/5 TEACHER wrote:
    > How important is it for kids to memorize the states and
    > their capitals? The other teachers in 4th want to focus on
    > this for SS. I think that it is much more important to
    > teach the history of what was happening as the states
    > joined. Thoughts? Our book covers both. It has 2
    > chapters for each region of the US. (one on states/caps,
    > the other on the history)