Re: moving to fourth

    Hi, MG...

    I've been teaching upper grades for 10 yrs (4th & 5th, 5 yrs.
    each.) I use the sisters' CAFE, but not Daily 5. CAFE works
    very well; this is the 2nd yr I've used it. Our school does
    not use whole class sets, rather we do whole class mini
    lessons, guided reading, conferring, and whatever it takes to
    move the kids up the Fountas & Pinnell levels. I'm moving to
    2nd in the fall, and have much the same concerns you do. Scary
    but so exciting. Please feel free to email me directly if
    you'd like. I adore 4th graders - they're so independent and
    they get my dry humor. Best of luck!
    Marlene Grefig (MG!)