Re: moving to fourth
    Mariely Gomez (MG)

    I know you sent me an email in which you asked if I had anything
    to share, but I can't locate it! Anyhow, I did the daily 4 last
    year with my kids and they loved it! The key is modeling every
    little thing. Make your I-charts and keep them up year round,
    reference them every now and again to remind them of proper
    behaviors. I used gallon freezer zip lock bags instead of bins
    for their read to self books. My four rotations were Work with
    Teacher, Read to Self, Listen to Read, Stations. For stations I
    had up to five things they would work at, a different station
    each day. I had, playdough words (they built their spelling words
    out of play dough), Science (they read a science book and did an
    activity), make a sentence( I would color code and cut five
    sentences and it was their job to put the words in correct word
    order) and I also had Take to Seat (which were those take to seat
    activities. They would pick from five and do one at a time.) I
    was amazed at how quick they got the hang of it and how much
    their reading improved. I also used special rubrics which rated
    their Daily 4 behaviors and their reading, comprehension, fluency
    and rate. This went home once a week for the previous week. It
    allowed for great parent teacher communication and it helped me
    back their reading grades. I can share those with you if you'd

    On 6/20/11, Marlene wrote:
    > Hi, MG...
    > I've been teaching upper grades for 10 yrs (4th & 5th, 5 yrs.
    > each.) I use the sisters' CAFE, but not Daily 5. CAFE works
    > very well; this is the 2nd yr I've used it. Our school does
    > not use whole class sets, rather we do whole class mini
    > lessons, guided reading, conferring, and whatever it takes to
    > move the kids up the Fountas & Pinnell levels. I'm moving to
    > 2nd in the fall, and have much the same concerns you do. Scary
    > but so exciting. Please feel free to email me directly if
    > you'd like. I adore 4th graders - they're so independent and
    > they get my dry humor. Best of luck!
    > Sincerely,
    > Marlene Grefig (MG!)