Re: lice

    I just sent home my first lice notice of the year today! I'm
    in California and someone in the office does lice checks. If
    someone has lice, their family is contacted and the student
    has to be treated (and re-checked by the office staff) before
    they can come back to school. We also send home notices to
    all students if a case of lice is identified in the classroom.

    A couple of years ago I had a TREMENDOUS problem. Lots of
    family members in my classroom, lots of sleepover friends,
    lots of students in community plays (they were sharing wigs,
    hats, etc.). The local lice- removing business was charging
    $100/hour for delousing. All the boys ended up having their
    hair shaved off and the girls came to school with LOTS of
    product in their hair. Good Luck..