Re: Lavatory Issue

    On 9/15/11, Becky wrote:

    Wow, yes, I'd say that note was totally uncalled for and the CC
    to the principal equally so. As I read your post, I was
    thinking ' you go!' and 'what a great solution to the problem!'

    And by the way, I empathize with this student - I rather hate
    public lavatories. But you came up with a great solution and a
    face-saving one at that.

    Is this a new nurse? I'd say a school nurse should be
    understanding of the individuality of children and that all of
    us - adults and children alike - have our weak spots and
    foibles. Is this a new nurse or one who's having a bad year?
    And we all have our grumpy days but on the whole, the nurses's
    response was uncalled for and - inappropriate. A child too
    embarrassed to use the bathroom is having a borderline medical
    problem. Of course this child can't go to the nurse's bathroom
    all year long but the journey toward growing up is a long one
    and this was a step in that journey.

    Are you a new teacher? If you are, the politics of schools can
    be a bitter one. If you're new to this building, I guess we
    shouldn't judge everyone by the nurse. And the principal likely
    ignored the e-mail - do you know how many e-mails the principal
    gets in a day?

    There's no harm in the solution you found - in fact, it was
    helpful not harmful but with that response to it, it's not
    something you can do a second time. If are new to the building,
    send an abject apology to the nurse -just in the interest of
    getting along with her - not because you really did anything
    wrong. I think you did everything right but it's just as right
    to bend over backwards to get along with your building
    colleagues even when they're dead wrong.

    > Was I wrong? And what do I do the next time she (or
    > perhaps another student) is desperate to go but afraid to
    > use the girls' room. What is the harm in having her use a
    > more private bathroom until she gets used to the other one?