Re: French textbook program you use
    Louise Boucicaut

    I use T'es branch at my school. It is fabulous. I don't
    have a single issue with it so far. My students are on
    target and on point. The speaking and writing skills of my
    students are top notch with the help of this book. They
    have a program available for Middle schools. Workbooks,
    communicative activities are super. Order samples you will
    love it!

    On 1/12/14, Shauna Amiot wrote:
    > Hello! I wondered if you wouldn't mind sharing what
    > textbook program you use in middle school, and if you
    > thought it gave you a good base for your lessons. In order
    > words- good material at minimal reinventing of the wheel.
    > We use Discovering French and are currently looking at
    > "D'accord, DF Today (essentially the same as the old) and
    > T'es Branch". Would love any suggestions. Thank you for
    > your input. Shauna