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Re: Update On Springfield Mass Gathering Dave & Carolyn

    From reading the earlier posts, the following people thought
    they'd attend, but I'm just going by what is posted on this board:Bluette.
    bette, mr. bette, pooh bear,
    Mary K/MA.
    I THOUGHT SCGal hoped to come, but I didn't catch a post
    confirming that.

    also, mobee was polling about all 3 gatherings, asking people
    to sign up under each of her posts saying she'd start the list
    and I took that to mean she was attending all 3, but it
    appears she might not be coming to Springfield after all.

    You and Carolyn did a good job getting information out early,
    accommodating the dates of the other gatherings that have
    formed, then posting reminders and enthusiastic encouragement
    to t-netters in hopes they'd gather to enjoy all the area has
    to offer. Thank you for all that work!