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Hi.. K.. you can make reservations after Monday. Kelly is
sending me the contract, and once I sign it and email it
back to her, she'll give me a phone number and group number
so that you can make your reservations. The way we
arranged it, since several weren't sure about
arrival/departure dates, was Kelly has reserved 5 rooms
each day for us. (2 of those are for Cher and Skippy)
that leaves us 3 more rooms on each day. I've heard
several say they'd be there for part of the time.. SOO..
What we need to do, AS SOON AS you know which days you'll
be there and need a hotel room (with the exception of
Skippy and Cher, I've got y'all already), if we need MORE
than the 5 OR less, I need to let Kelly know to adjust it.
Even with us doing it this way, she said we'll still
receive the $35.00 a night group rate. I've told her each
person will reserve their own rooms, so as soon as I get
the phone number, and g...See More

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