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I plan to arrive the afternoon of June 23 and will be
staying at the Castlewood Inn.

For those who might be interested in staying there as well,
rooms are $49.95 per night, plus tax. 828-926-5348.

I thought we could have our initial get together at the
Country Vittles Restaurant, about 200 yards from the
Castlewood Inn, 828-926-1820, around 7 PM the evening of
the 23rd.

Decided to try something different for the 24th. How many
have been on the Great Smoky Mountains Railway?? I've seen
the train going through the Nantahala Gorge, but have never
riden the train. They have a package deal that includes a
train ride through the gorge, a rafting trip with the
Nantahala Outdoor Center (the best in the business in my
biased opinion), a picnic lunch, and transport back to
Bryson City. Altogether, the cost is $71 for adults and $56
for children. The trick is they prefer you make
reservatio...See More
Nelda /blockquote>

Bill, I won't be able to get up there for the 23rd or 24th
due to two meetings and a medical test here. Anything on the
agenda for the 25th or 26th? So far my calendar is empty for
those two days.

Jun 7, 2004
Bill T 6 NC /blockquote>

Can't make it until the 25th? Medical test? Oh...don't like the
sound of that. Hope it's nothing serious.

We could push back the trip down the Nantahala until the 25th.
You've already been to the Unto These Hills Drama, so those who
haven't could do that on the 24th.

What say you???
Jun 9, 2004
Nelda /blockquote>

Marion is not up to doing white water rafting right now, so I was
hoping we could meet y'all for dinner and a show or something but
I found out yesterday that I have to attend a meeting in Atlanta
on the 26th, so looks like we won't be able to make it to Maggie
Valley at all. I'm really disappointed...See More
Jun 10, 2004
Bill T 6 NC /blockquote>

but I do understand.

Our agenda is a bit tentative right now, mostly becuase I am not
certain how many are coming. But I will post what I have by this

Hope things go well for you!
Jun 11, 2004

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