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Does anyone (besides myself and Nelda) plan on attending
the gathering June 23-27???? I kind of need to know...
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hollyfizz /blockquote>

Mobee and I should be arriving relatively early on the 23rd.
Will be a 3 to 4 hour drive as long things go as planned. Can't
wait! Fizzy
Jun 9, 2004
mobee/au /blockquote>

Bill I thought you knew we were coming...............I have been
planning on it all along.

Jun 9, 2004
sunnie /blockquote>

I can't go :-( I'm still having a lot of back pain and there's
just no way I can make a 7 hour trip next week. I am hoping to go
to the NC gathering in August though -- that will be a much
shorter trip and hopefully my back will be better by then too!

I'm sorry to miss seeing you guys -- I really wanted...See More
Jun 17, 2004
Bill T 6 NC /blockquote>

Sorry you can't make it, Sunnie. At the moment, there is some
question about whether I will get there myself. How about that one?
My car is undergoing some major repairs and if they turn out to be
too expensive, I am going to be stranded at home until at least July
1. That seems to be a recurring theme for m...See More
Jun 19, 2004
~carolina jj /blockquote>

Skippy's coming east August 10th & 11th...some of us on the east coast
wanted to meet up with her, so we're getting together at the Outer
Banks on those days...since some of us will be in school, some will
only be able to stay a day, while others may be able to stay two days.
You're welcome to come and j...See More
Jun 19, 2004

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