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Re: Orlando Gathering - possible group activities

    Sounds to me that the end of the week there are more likely to be
    more t-netters around? I am putting forward two ideas here
    of things we could do as a group towards end of the week. If you
    would like to do either of these type of days can you let us know
    which day would be your preference to fit round your plans. I plan to be 'doing the parks' myself as well as these possible
    group days, so again, if you want to do any of the parks and have
    a preference for days please can you let me know if you want to
    join me (I can get discount for anyone coming into Universal Parks
    with me due to Annual Pass).

    I really need to plan my week out day by day to make sure I get to
    do all the things I want to squeeze in on my trip, so PLEASE let
    me know of any preferences of days/activites before I do my
    planning LOL

    I plan to do the following parks:
    Disney - Magie Kingdom, MGM, EPCOT
    Universal - Islands of Adventure, Movie Park
    Also hoping to do at least one of Disneys backstage/underground
    tours and DisneyQuest
    In case you are wondering how I plan to fit all that in.......I am
    arriving a few days earlier than the gathering so I can
    realistically fit all this in LOL....however when any of you plan
    to be 'in town' I really want to spend time with help me
    out here with planning what to do on what day by stating your

    OK...possible group days suggestions and links........

    ***Day 1 (either Thursday or Friday?)

    ***Meet for a buffet brekkie somewhere

    ***Go to Bogey Creek for an airboat ride
    follow the link below if you need to check out the Bogey Creek
    airboat rides

    Adult Admission: $18.95 per person + tax
    Child Admission: $14.95 per person + tax (Ages 3-12 - 2 and under
    but money off vouchers are available in most Orlando coupon

    ***Go to International Drive area - possibilities of Go Karting at
    Magical Midway - follow link here

    Helicopter rides to see Orlando from on high!
    Eat/drink/chat somewhere

    ***Go out for dinner somewhere as a group

    DAY 2 (either Thursday or Friday?)

    ***Meet for buffet brekkie

    ***Go To DisneyQuest - may be a fun way to do Disney without all
    the walking round the actual parks, and may be great fun as a
    t-net group!!

    Create your own adventures in this one-of-a-kind indoor
    interactive Theme Park bursting with games that give
    "state-of-the-art" new meaning. Discover five floors exploding
    with cutting-edge technology, virtual reality and 3-D experiences
    ? all fueled by Disney innovation and imagination. The entr

    CyberSpace Mountain ? Design your own roller coaster on a
    computer, with special assistance from Bill Nye the Science Guy.
    Make it as scary as you want. When you're done, jump in a
    simulator and ride your creation in full 360░ motion? if you dare!

    Pirates of the Caribbean - Battle for Buccaneer Gold ? Put on your
    headpiece to inhabit a world booming with swashbuckling action.
    Steer your ship, fire cannons at marauding buccaneers and race for
    the gold!

    Virtual Jungle Cruise ? Hop on a raft with other team members,
    plunge down a prehistoric river in the Dinosaur Age and hang on
    for dear life as you try desperately to avoid "deadly" obstacles
    in the running rapids. You may even get splashed!

    Aladdin's Magic Carpet Ride ?Enter the immersive, magical world of
    Agrabah as you put on a virtual-reality helmet and go on a whole
    new adventure. Take a magic carpet ride with beloved Characters
    from Disney's "Aladdin." It's a trip you'll never forget!

    Invasion! An ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter ? Launch into the
    cosmos aboard your own virtual-reality spaceship. Rescue humans
    kidnapped by aliens to become the hero in this breathtaking outer
    space adventure.

    Buzz Lightyear's Astroblasters ? Pilot your own futuristic bumper
    car in a battle where you're always under attack. Fight back by
    scooping up "cannonballs," loading them into your blaster, and
    firing away at the other cars. It's an asteroid-blasting game
    unlike any other!

    Animation Academy ? Be a Disney animator! An instructor takes you
    through the process of drawing a Disney Character. You won't
    believe what you are capable of creating!

    Ride the Comix ? Don your virtual-reality helmet and become a
    superhero, engaging in a cyber battle with comic book villains.
    Swing your laser sword in a fight to the finish!

    Mighty Ducks Pinball Slam: Become a life-size pinball as you
    bounce off bumpers and flippers to score points and compete to
    become the Mightiest Duck of all!

    DisneyQuest ? It's virtual magic!

    Category: Other
    Location: West Side
    Price Range: $26.00-$32.00?

    *** Go to Fantasia Gardens and play miniature golf on a Disney fun
    course close to Disneyquest
    Fantasia Gardens theme is based on 5 sequences from the Disney
    classic "Fantasia". Dancing fountains and animated statues guide
    you around the 5 cleverly themed hazards you will encounter here.
    Young and old will revel in the wonderful surprises around every
    corner as you challenge each hole, in

    Admission Prices for: Fantasia Gardens Mini Golf Fantasia Gardens:
    1 Round adult $7.50 child $6.50
    See picture below of the course

    ***Go out for dinner somewhere as a group

    WOULD PREFER TO DO! We need to sort this soon so everyone is
    clear what is going on!