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finally, I have the contract.. Email me if you are planning
to attend, and I will give you the phone number and booking
code. The rate we were given is $35.00 a night.
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Yonder /blockquote>

I finally hobbled into the kitchen to get the calendar!

> SUNDAY 18th Skippy!
> MONDAY 19th Skippy! (mobe and yonder arrive late afty)
> TUESDAY 20th Skippy! mobe and yonder
> WEDNESDAY 21st Skippy! mobe and yonder
> THURSDAY 22nd Skippy! mobe and yonde...See More
Jun 27, 2004
CarrieFL /blockquote>

Just not sure when.............. :-(

As soon as manhere and I finalize our riding day, one of us
will let you know!!

I am SOOOOOO looking forward to this!
Jun 30, 2004
mobee/au /blockquote>

Wonderful Carrie........look forward to meeting
you ...........and to meeting Man Here again.
Jul 1, 2004
Skippy! /blockquote>

It will be good to cya both there carrie and man
here........just sort that date and let us know!!!!!

any clue what sort of thing you would like to do on the day you
are coming to join us? any preferences?

Man here, did you get the email giving you my Florida mobile number?


...See More
Jul 1, 2004
tim /blockquote>

On 6/22/04, Skippy! wrote:
> Name a day, any day earlier in that week kinderteach and I will deffo
> come and join you to ride coasters at IOA!! I could stay on those
> coasters all day long so would love to join you there.......Monday,
> Tuesday or Wednesday? name which day and I'll be there....all...See More
Aug 22, 2004

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