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Re: LOL! Still trying to bait me are you?
Bill T 6 NC

    HHHHHmmmmmmm.....I wondered what had become of you, Eimmik. So you
    made the leap into the land of matrimony??? Congratulations!!!The maggie valley gathering was somewhat of a flop and I know right where
    the blame one needs remind me. But I DID intend to at least show up,
    until I had car problems. Next car I get will be NEW; the last succession of
    used ones have caused me little but hearthache. This is the THIRD gathering
    I have had to forego because of this same problem. The car will be fixed next
    week, after payday, but until then, I dare not go far. The people that are
    working on it say short trips and hops around the county are okay, but long
    trips are a seriously bad idea.

    I had considered going to the gathering in Florida but am too embarassed to
    show my face, truthfully.

    Hope the ones who did go to Maggie Valley had a good time and I hate that I
    wasn't at least there to join in.