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Re: Is it too late for Orlando gathering?

    On 6/25/04, Bonnie TTTT wrote:
    > Help--Is it too late for the Orlando gathering??Please give
    > details. Where is everyone staying?NEVER TOO LATE!!!!!!!!! (till it's over LOL)

    week of 18th July - but people are coming and going on
    different days rather than a all week gathering for this one

    drop down 6th threads from this one (link at bottom of this
    post to the thread below) there is info on hotel (Econolodge
    at $35 a night)photo of pool below, and also posts about ideas
    for activities and meeting places etc..and when t-netters are
    planning on being there.....would love to see you there....any
    questions, post them here for all to answer, or maybe catch me
    or Lori in the chatroom to chat!!

    Hope to see you soon!!!!!!!!!


    link to post below