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Re: OHIO MINIGATHERING UPDATE!!!! Packo's on the 30th

    On 7/04/04, mcq wrote:
    > Is this the Tony Packo's on Front Street? Count me in for
    > Friday night...I can't wait to see you guys. Also, what is
    > the date for this? Just checking.
    > Thanks for doing the planning!
    Tony Packo's on Front Street is the origianl!!! People coming
    from the north will cross on the 280 bridge undertaking - quite
    a sight, biggest project ever in Ohio - and, at this point, can
    still exit onto Front Street North for Packo's. The date is
    Friday, July 30th. PIB is Saturday the 31st, and CP is on
    Sunday, August 1 - yeeeeehhaaaaaa - OMG -a Brit Brat, SC
    Whirlwind, Canadian Clipper, and a PA Redhead - what have I
    done *thinking I must get a translator*