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Ohio Minigathering still on - yeeeehhaaaaaaaa!!! However,
we won't be going to the zoo on Friday due to some
logistics. We will be meeting at the original Tony Packo's
on Friday night - yeeehhaaaaa!!! Email me so I can get
info to Tony's as to the number coming. We will meet
around 7PM at the original Tony Packo's on the east side
(note: there are some branches around the city, but we are
going to the original)! So try and meet up with us for an
evening of frivolity and Hungarian hot dogs - yuuuummmm!!!
Saturday, Skippy, Dewie, and I will be heading off to
PutinBay via the JetExpress. For any Tnetters wanting to
join us, we will meet at the JetExpress at 10:30-10:45 AM,
and try to get the 11 AM ride out. The fee for JetExpress
is $10 one way and leaves out of Port Clinton. I usually
get both tickets there. If you decide to purchase any wine
on the island, the winery will deliver it to the JetExpress ...See More
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mcq /blockquote>

AP....that would be great if you could join us. You don't have
to attend all the events of the weekend gathering. I won't be
going to CP. Hope you can join us for something. It will be
great fun!

Jul 18, 2004
§ierra /blockquote>

AP - Yuppers! Have to go with when Skippy will be in Toledo - I
know what ya mean about CP being crowded on weekends - but
hopefully Sunday will be less crowded than Saturday. Looking
forward to seeing ya there! I will be getting a meeting time and
place for Cedar Point as soon as I talk with Sassy!
Satur...See More
Jul 18, 2004
bette/tx /blockquote>

By JOHN SEEWER, Associated Press Writer

SANDUSKY, Ohio - Long, dreary and crowded waits can take the wind
out of even the most eager thrill seeker. So to keep guests happy,
amusement parks these days are using beepers, special tickets and
hand stamps to encourage people to cut the line.

AP Ph...See More
Jul 19, 2004
§ierra /blockquote>

Bette - sounds good, I don't know if it works or not! The coasters
at CP range from 100 to over 400 foot drops - and I go on the Blue
Streak and that's it. I have a back doctor who forbids me going on
those huge things, so I don't stand in line for any of them - LOL!
Sassy and I will be doing the milder stuf...See More
Jul 19, 2004
jB/oH /blockquote>

The trip is out this year for me, I wish all of you netters a wonderful
time. Have a hotdog for me, and don't forget the sauce. Beer is a
must. Don't forget extra clothes if you dare the heavy duty water rides
at CP. Enjoy the air conditioned movie and shows too. Ride the train
and boat and eat only the stuf...See More
Jul 24, 2004

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