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Looks like things are falling in to place for this gathering!

Based on what has been posted on the thread below, and
conversations in chatroom and by email I think this is 'the'
plan for the week, so far!

SUNDAY 18th and MONDAY 19th - nothing planned as yet (Lori
and I may go to Universal IOA on one of these days?)

TUESDAY 20th - go to EPCOT

WEDNESDAY 21st - go to Magic Kingdom

THURSDAY 22nd - got to Universal during the day (probably
movie park not IOA)
.....and then a party at Yonders by the pool in evening!
Bring a bottle party! Bring swimwear party!
I have added a link to yonders email above in you want her
to send you more information on this party!

FRIDAY 23rd - as suggested on lower thread
***Meet for buffet brekkie
***Go To DisneyQuest - may be a fun way to do Disney without
all the walking round the actual parks, and may be great fun
as a t-net group!!

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Skippy! /blockquote>

although my name came up in the email part of above thread any
e-mails sent there will go to Yonder not me!

just to let you know that ;-)

Jul 6, 2004
Skippy! /blockquote>

Hey...I am SO excited, and about to leave for my
trip....looking forward to seeing you all In Orlando
SOON..........and remember, hands off TIGGER, he's mine!!!!!! LOL

Jul 8, 2004

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