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Re: Meet you there

    On 7/22/04, 告erra wrote:
    > Here is the schedule for fun fun fun - yeeehhhaaaaaaa!!!
    > Friday, July 30th, 7:00PM: meet at Tony Packo's, Front
    > street, the original, enjoy the genuine Tiffany lamp
    > collection! Frivolity! Great hot dogs! Made famous by
    > Klinger on M.A.S.H.! And imbibing with the likes of Skippy,
    > Dewie, and 告erra!
    > For those who are not fossil digging for trilobites at
    > Olander Park, nor going to the museum, nor the fabulous
    > Toledo zoo -
    > Saturday, July 31st, 10:30 - 11AM: Meet at the JetExpress
    > in Port Clinton, take the 11 or 11:15 trip out to Put-in-
    > Bay. Rent a golf cart, crash proof, since the Brit may be
    > driving - *making mental note to forewarn the National Park
    > Rangers regarding fortressing up the Perry Monument* - LOL!
    > Sunday, August 1st, Noon - Meet at the carousal just inside
    > the gates at Cedar Point, then decide on a place to maybe
    > lunch together, get group shots, etc. at least say hi to
    > one and all. Sassy and 告erra will be doing the milder
    > attractions at CP, God only knows what the Carolina
    > Hurricane (Dewie) and Brit Brat (Skippy) will be doing -
    > LOL! If you go in early, go directly to the back of the
    > park, and start there. Handstamping may help avoid lines,
    > not sure.
    > I am looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and some
    > new faces - yeeeehhhaaaaaa!!!!!