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Re: RE: New york city gathering in july, 2005...there or squ
see tnet gathering in new york ..see2-6, 2-8 dates and plans

    On 2/10/05, SEE POSTS 2-6, and 2-8 for ALL dates and details...
    > On 2/09/05, Marcia wrote:
    >> Hi,
    >> I just found this board and read a few messages about a NYC
    >> Gathering. Could someone let me know when it is and what are
    >> some of the plans for it? I live and teach in NYC and would
    >> love to join the gathering.
    >> Thanks!
    >> Marcia
    >> On 8/22/04, manatee wrote:
    >>> we were exploring the idea of a t-net gathering in nyc in
    >>> july and was well rec'd. we found a nice hostel that some
    >>> have already stayed at and said was fine and cheap, and i
    >>> found a very nice hotel that is also cheap for nycABT $100
    >>> pp.double occ,2 beds..newly renovated, in good area,,,will
    >>> post site later<<<<>> will
    >>> be so much to do,,,park concerts, museums, theatre, and as
    >> i
    >>> live here ill do all to help arrange things as pos. lets
    >>> hear from youall id love to meet everyon e! see the main
    >>> chat board and please mention then to leave their feedback
    >>> on this site! great,,,hope not too many typos,,very
    >>> late!!!((((((((((((((((((((hugs())))))))))))))))))see u