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RE: New york city gathering in july, 2005...there or square?

    we were exploring the idea of a t-net gathering in nyc in
    july and was well rec'd. we found a nice hostel that some
    have already stayed at and said was fine and cheap, and i
    found a very nice hotel that is also cheap for nycABT $100
    pp.double occ,2 beds..newly renovated, in good area,,,will
    post site later<<<<be so much to do,,,park concerts, museums, theatre, and as i
    live here ill do all to help arrange things as pos. lets
    hear from youall id love to meet everyon e! see the main
    chat board and please mention then to leave their feedback
    on this site! great,,,hope not too many typos,,very
    late!!!((((((((((((((((((((hugs())))))))))))))))))see u