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I am returning to school to finish my degree and finally
receive my Bachelors in Education. I went to a teacher
information session a few nights ago and was told that most
student teachers do not have the time to work a part time
job. They find student teaching AND a part time job
impossible. My question is how do these student teachers
make it financially? Any advice might help!

Thank you! :)
This is not the right board for that question. /blockquote>

Jenn, the Gatherings board is to set up in person meetings of
people who post on chatboards use the chatrooms. I is not
about exchanging information about how to do things related to
getting a degree. Each board has a purpose.

On 2/28/06, Jenn wrote:
> I am returning to school to finish my degree a...See More
Mar 4, 2006

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