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Re: Grits, Alrighty then......come hungry and ready to go go go.

    It was a neat show, Grits, but I wish I knew it was going to be on
    so we all could have watched it. Can't wait to meet you and Mr.
    Its going to be difficult to decide what all to do in such a short
    time. I know we are going to have a blast.

    On 6/01/06, GRITS wrote:
    > On reason we want to visit the Austin area is because of seeing one
    > of her shows about a year and a half ago.
    > Mr.GRITS and I will probably roll in Thursday, maybe as late as
    > Friday.
    > Thanks for the link!
    > On 6/01/06, karma (bette, pecos, please read) wrote:
    >> Guys,
    >> I was channel surfing last night and head "Austin, Texas" Rachel
    >> Ray was on a show about what to do in different cities. I have
    >> the page linked. She specifically suggested these....Check out
    >> the website. It has the places linked on the bottom.
    >> Her choices were..
    >> The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. It is a movie theater that serves
    >> food and drinks while you watch the movie.
    >> Shady Grove - A themed restaurant - road side parks.....looks
    >> interesting.
    >> Hula Hut - (on the lake)- Tex/Hawaiian cuisine - looks
    >> fun...drinks looked wonderful.
    >> Threadgills (Live music) She recommended the Chicken Fried Steak.
    >> And....
    >> The Saltlick (Chasd and I have been wanting to go there for
    >> ages) We may sneak off to this place and eat if its not on our
    >> schedule. Famous Texas BBQ under 15.00. (They do have a party
    >> room) Let me know if this is something we may want to do. I
    >> could book it for us.
    >> Taco Express - Breakfast Burritoes (under 2.00) I think we get
    >> free breakfast at our hotel.
    >> The Continental Club (Live music - usually no cover).
    >> Like I said, check out Rachel's page and scroll down to the
    >> section titled "Where to Find" It gives the addy, phone number,
    >> and some the website.
    >> Bette, if you decide on any of these places, let me know. I can
    >> call and try to book us spots.
    >> Let me know...
    >> karma
    >> On 5/30/06, Bonnie TTTT wrote:
    >>> On 5/29/06, bette wrote:
    >>>> from what i can tell the boat is covered.. i am sure that no
    >>>> one would go on a bat cruise on an uncovered boat lol...
    >>>> thanks for pointing that out thou...
    >>> ___________________________________
    >>> WHEW! Thanks for pointing that out Bette--thought I might make
    >> a few bucks
    >>> selling umbrellas. LOLOLOL