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I still have not found my digital camera. Maybe it is at
Helen's mom's house! If I don't find it that is ok, I have
old faithful to bring with me.
We are planning to leave tomorrow morning, stop for an early
lunch or break with Helen, in Baton Rouge, and drive on.

From a friend in Houston, I have directions for getting on
the toll highway and specific instructions. Thanks to bette
for the link to the map, too. I have all maps printed out
and in the car.

Luppy is following every step I take. She knows we are
packing and I do not have the heart to tell her she is not
going. It will be almost impossible to go out the door
without her tomorrow morning.

Can't wait to see you folks!
karma /blockquote>


I know how you feel! I have checked my bag about ten times
and feel like I am just forgetting something. Oh well, if I
don't have it, I guess I don't need it.

I think we are leaving early tomorrow morning and heading to
the airport. We pick bassman up at 1:00. Then I guess to
the ho...See More
Jul 4, 2006
are these am or pm hours? /blockquote>

I need to call the hotel...but I know I really should wait and
see if hubby is willing to drive on to Austin.
I would love to get there tomorrow night.
Don't tell, but I have a plan to keep Meep overnight Saturday

On 7/04/06, karma wrote:
> Grits,
> I know how you feel! I ...See More
Jul 4, 2006

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