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I know you are all having a great time!!!!!

    (((((Friends))))): I know you are having a great time and
    can hear you all laughing now. As you know I was suppose
    to be there but due to problems I had my surgery on Wed.
    and came home yesterday morning....I am pain free now!!!!
    My daughter said last night "mom, we should have asked the
    doctor if we could fly to Texas"....LOLOL!!!! I had
    spoken with karma from my hospital bed and also when I got
    home. She & Molly were on their way to the airport to pick
    up Number & andwulf. I just hope I get to meet up with you
    all sometime in the near future. I was sure worried about
    karma being out with three males on Wed. evening...LOLOL!!!
    Just wanted to let you all know I am thinking of you and
    the fun time I am missing. I feel so much better
    though....Love ya all, KAM