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Update on Gathering

    We are all waiting in the lobby for Lisa3 to get here. WE
    are meeting for supper tonight then to see the bats and
    then to h it 6th street. We have had a good time. A few
    problems with 404 and her flights and keeping andwulf off
    the tables dancing. Bassman might have to be bailed
    out.....he is being so very naughty. Mrbdawg is trying to
    behaving himself, but I heard mention of him putting his
    thong on later tonight. Molly4th keeps wanting to spend
    folder dollar bills at some fancy club. Sunshine picked
    up an application to work at Hooters. Lisa3 is here,
    finally, so I will let you go for now.
    I am the only one behaving, as usual.......