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Are there any new details on the Gatlinburg trip?

June 16-18 Jack Huff's Motor Lodge

Anything else planned?

DH and I generally do Wednesday-Friday trips when we go, but we shouldn't have trouble backing up a day and doing Tuesday-Thursday so we'd be there with everyone else.

I've been to Gatlinburg at least once a year my entire life, so if anybody needs any tips on anything I might know something that would help.

Please keep me informed.
pizwit That is basically what we have at this point. Many already have their reservations. Some are coming in on June 15 and staying until Friday, June 19th. Looks like we will have a nice little gathering as we have around 15-20 planning to go. Some hubbys are going also.

As far as events scheduled ...we haven't planned too many. If you would l...See More
May 3, 2009
Ima Teacher We're going to look at DH's schedule later in the week and decide for sure on our dates . . . Wednesday-Friday or Tuesday- Thursday. Then I'll call for reservations. If they don't have any there, I'll try across the street at Johnson's Inn. We flip flop between those two places when we go.

We mainly roam around town looking in shops and go...See More
May 3, 2009
Skye I am also interested in the Gatlinburg trip. Is there a discount for the hotel due to their being a group of people attending? What other details are there?

May 25, 2009
Skye Sorry to have to miss the trip. My husband's car insurance and registration are due next week, so the choice is going to have to be to pay for those items rather than take a vacation. I'd hoped to be able to manage to do both, but no luck. Maybe next time there's a gathering the economy won't be so bad.

I hope you all have a great time. I...See More
Jun 10, 2009

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