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I am a public school teacher with a son who will graduate soon with an undergraduate degree in German. As he starts to look for a job, he is discovering that his degree really doesn't seem to help him qualify for any jobs. He does not want to teach German, but would like to use his language skills in the business world.

Do any of you have any suggestions for directions he should go? Or should he use the tight job market as his best reason to go on to graduate school? Any thoughts you're willing to share would be appreciated.
sk I have heard that military intelligence and homeland security often look for people who are proficient in another language. German may not be in as much in demand as others; however, they may be willing to train him in another language because he has demonstrated proficiency in German. Also, maybe something in foreign service?
Jan 17, 2009
Brunie to SK Thanks. As it turns out, a number of people have made that suggestion, so it must be a serious option. I appreciate your time.
Feb 4, 2009
lamaestra I would suggest that he look into applying at any corporation that has GmbH in its name ! or a subsidiary in Germany. An international corporation may be interested, as would some legal arms of multinationals (though he'd need to take specific courses on legal vocabulary not usually taught at university)...there might be some civil service position...See More
Mar 5, 2009
Rebecca The economy is the wrong reason to go on to graduate school. So many students throw away money and waste time in graduate school because they didn't think they could find a job or couldn't make a decision about a career and then later regret it. So I do NOT suggest grad school unless there is something he really wants to do that requires a grad deg...See More
Mar 5, 2009

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