Re: what to do with a degree in German?

    The economy is the wrong reason to go on to graduate school.
    So many students throw away money and waste time in graduate
    school because they didn't think they could find a job or
    couldn't make a decision about a career and then later regret
    it. So I do NOT suggest grad school unless there is
    something he really wants to do that requires a grad degree.

    As for jobs, the government is where I would start (CIA,
    homeland security, etc.) as well as researching companies
    that have corporate offices in Germany or that do extensive
    business with German-speaking countries.

    A good job search engine is You can enter
    German and your location and it will find all the jobs that
    would require German. The German teacher at my last school
    used to print out all the jobs she found for students to see
    and she would find a ton. With the current economy there
    probably aren't quite as many but you still may be able to
    find some.

    On 1/17/09, Brunie wrote:
    > I am a public school teacher with a son who will graduate
    > soon with an undergraduate degree in German. As he starts
    > to look for a job, he is discovering that his degree
    > really doesn't seem to help him qualify for any jobs. He
    > does not want to teach German, but would like to use his
    > language skills in the business world.
    > Do any of you have any suggestions for directions he
    > should go? Or should he use the tight job market as his
    > best reason to go on to graduate school? Any thoughts
    > you're willing to share would be appreciated.