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I know some are gone ,but how many are not here?
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Caren On 3/22/17, VET to Flacka wrote: > On 3/19/17, Flacka wrote: >> It's hard to know who has just stopped coming here and who >> has passed away. Cheryl? (sister golden hair), Lynn (Pogo), >> Magoo, and Mizlettes were all lost way too young. >> >> >> >> >> >> >> On 3/18/17, VET wrote: >...See More
Mar 25, 2017
GRITS I'm still here and checking on this page occasionally. A few weeks ago I had VET on my heart and almost called her to be sure she and Mr. VET were doing well. I truly miss those we've lost. I'd like to ask for positive thoughts and prayers for our TNeter, Sunshine, or Connie Byrd of Texas. She's a beautiful friend and has some health issues. She an...See More
Apr 18, 2017
Kathy I mostly lurk, but have posted now and again on the main
board. I retired (hahahahahaha) two years ago, started
subbing, took some long term sub jobs and said never
again. So, this year I tried to pick up daily jobs. I had
a knee replacement in September. A friend called and asked
me to take her class as she was going on FMLA because...See More
Apr 18, 2017
Elaine/ret/IN I still check in here occasionally, but there's very little activity. Perhaps it will pick up again when the new mechanics are finished. It's been frustrating. I miss the community we had in years back . . .

I'm still loving retirement. Still loving grandchildren. Still loving eating my plants plants plants. Still reading. Still walking. ...See More
May 17, 2017
flacka This was a great board and while some of us never met, a family/community spirit was so much a part of the Golden Apples. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated, and we supported each other. While we have lost some members, many have moved away from Tnet. I miss the "old days".
May 19, 2017

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