Re: Health Teachers? Help!
    Soon-to-be Mrs. Moore

    I just graduated with my Master's in School Healh Education from
    Southern CT State University & I'm having such a hard time
    finding a job. Most of the positions (which there isn't even
    many) are looking for dual PE/Health certification. It's really
    frustrating that I spent so much time & money & put in such an
    effort & I feel like there are so many obstacles & challenges
    already in my way. I wish I had known that a lot of school
    districts are preferring the dual certification; I would have
    gone for Community Health Education or Public Health. Oh
    is what it is & I just have to make the best out of it!

    On 6/10/08, JohnCap wrote:
    > I went to school to receive degree in Health and Wellness
    > Promotion with teacher certification. I will say that it is
    > much harder to find a job with this path though(I am currently
    > seeking a full time health position).
    > On 2/06/08, mrs. feely wrote:
    >> On 1/11/08, Mina wrote:
    >>> I have noticed there are very few colleges with a "health
    >>> educator" major. Is it possible to major in general ed. and
    >>> minor in health studies and become an accredited Health
    >>> Teacher? Or, is there no option but to find one of those
    >>> very few schools?
    >> As far as I know you have to have a degree in EDUCATION in
    >> MOST states. Check out your states laws/education website
    >> and they can give you some information. In idaho, i believe
    >> you can teach if you have a bachelors, however, that is not
    >> the best for the kids because they need to learn something
    >> deeper than general studies. Anyway, I went to byu idaho and
    >> they have a great program, look into different states! GOod
    >> luck!