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    Re: EXERCISE ROLL CALL to all you Monday Movers!

    Ooh, I like the roll call idea. I walked twice yesterday. I
    went a total of 4.5 miles. I am on my way upstairs to get my
    sweatshirt to go walking this morning. Come on everyone,
    let's get those shoes tied and get moving.
    On 6/13/11, steps wrote:
    > A quote to keep us motivated:
    > The difference between try and triumph is just a little
    > umph! -- Marvin Phillips

    > Today I did 12,356 steps on my morning walk! My usual goal
    > is a 10,000-step walk, so this is a good day for me. I tried
    > a new trail, which I guess is a little bit longer than my
    > usual one.
    > I am lucky to live within a mile of a big park with hiking
    > trails, so that is where my dog and I walk.
    > Some of us used to post a daily exercise roll call on the
    > Main board. I think it was another poster (judy5ca, maybe?
    > Sorry, I forget!) who started it, and I tried to keep it
    > going, but I lost my motivation for keeping up the posting. :
    > Though I have kept up my walking, fortunately! :)
    > Shall we try again? If I don't start the daily Exercise Roll
    > Call post, will someone else? It doesn't matter who posts
    > first for the day.
    > Oh, and I saw something very interesting today at the park.
    > Have you ever seen wild artichoke? It very spiky and
    > painful-looking!
    > Let's get moving!