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Can anyone tell me where I can find a job description and
requirements for teachers in the 1800's? I've seen this
list before, and society's expectations of teachers were
quite humorous. (I believe it specified things such as
proper dress code, the time by which she need to be home at
night, the relations she could have with men, etc.)

If anyone could point me to a website where I can find
this, or post as a reply to this message, I'd appreciate it!
Carol/RR/TX /blockquote>

This may not be what you're looking for... It's teacher
expectations in 1915. The link is to a site with a link to
the page.

[link removed]
Mar 13, 2003
Here's another one for 1872 /blockquote>

[link removed]
Mar 13, 2003
emily /blockquote>


can you please tell me as i need that sort of information for
a high school assinment
Mar 10, 2004
Christopher K. Waldschmidt /blockquote>

Here is the updated link for the mus

[link removed]

you can find this on google by typing in the
phrase "teacherrules.pdf" without the quotation marks.
Jun 28, 2006

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