Re: Open House
    Vet Teacher

    On 7/15/14, Amy T... wrote:
    > I am not sure what to do during open house.
    > I need some ideas Please Help !!
    Howong do you have with them?

    Tell them what you teach - what skills you want the kids to
    learn in K, tell them how you teach and then tell them why.
    What you teach is mandated but your manner in the
    classroom is not. What kind of a classroom environment do
    you foster? Rigid ? Warm?

    Then point out a project hanging on the wall and tell them
    about it. Parents love stories and they love to see their
    kids' art. End it with - that project gives you an idea - a
    slice- of a day in K and we have 186 days just like that.

    I love teaching Kindergarten - I love teaching your children.
    Thank you do much for coming to Kindergarten tonight.