Go Math

    We had a new principal last year and he's made some good
    changes. At the end of the year he informed us that we will
    be changing math programs. We switched from Everyday
    Math (which I really like - I know I'm in the minority) to
    "Go Math!"

    Does anyone have experience with this? It seems like lots of
    worksheets! I am not a workbook kind of teacher. The one
    workbook (there are two!!) has very colorful 532 pages,
    some of which are homework sheets, and the second
    "practice book" has 292 pages! Such a waste! I figured out
    that with 175 days of K, I'd have to do 4 worksheets a day
    to use them all!

    There seems to be a small kit of manipulatives but I'm not
    sure my school has purchased them. (GRReat!)

    Again, I am not, nor have I ever been a worksheet kind of
    teacher! UGH!