Re: Sight Words

    We have 81 in our series.
    We deemed around 30 bonus words.
    So we require around 50.

    On 8/03/14, KAnon wrote:
    > On 8/03/14, Renee wrote:
    >> How many sight words are your kindergarteners required
    > to
    >> learn by the end of the school year? With the Common
    > Core
    >> and all, my team and I are trying to determine how many
    >> sight words are kindergarteners should learn by the end
    > of
    >> the year. Our 11 year old reading series only requires
    > them
    >> learning 18. We have some team members that want to
    > use
    >> the fry list and some only want to use the dolch list.
    >> Any and all thoughts/suggestions are appreciated.
    > Thanks
    > I use Dolch. We assess using MClass and DIBELS Next.
    > There is a sight word recognition checklist included with
    > that assessment that aligns with the words used in the
    > Rigby Reader Benchmark readers we use. These words
    > are from the Dolch list.