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Feedback please :)

this is my view on 'teaching' as I don't believe we are there to attempt to teach children anything, but only there to provide opportunities in which they can learn at their own interest and readiness.

What are we 'teaching' ?

So you’re a teacher?

Ask yourself this, what do you teach?

And your answer? Well maybe you would answer: I TEACH children, I TEACH adults, I TEACH Maths, I TEACH Physics, I TEACH English… well let me distinguish…

How? How you do you TEACH these things?

According to the dictionary to teach means “to impart knowledge to or instruct (someone) as to how to do something” Well I guess the next question would be who needs to be taught? Infants? Toddlers? Children? Parents? Adults? Sisters? Mothers? Fathers? Brothers? Who?

Everyone needs someone to teach them right? Wrong.

Why not? It’s really quite simple…

Children don’t need to be taught to walk...See More
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apology from post I apologize. I did not realize that I was on a chat for kindergarten teachers, where I do embrace discovery learning. I teach at older students. Sorry.

On 8/07/14, answer these inquiry questions wrote: > I am considered a much requested master teacher. I find these > posts to be a sad indication of the downfall of our profession. >...See More
Aug 7, 2014
Tanna I feel that this is the whole point... The person who just ripped this poor persons head off apologised by saying they did not realise it was a kindergarten posting and that they teach AT older students.. I am in total agreement with this post and I feel like there are too many people within and outside of the profession that are in a hurry to try ...See More
Aug 7, 2014

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