Re: What are we 'teaching' ?
    maureen to op

    I am not quite sure what your post is supposed to mean or is
    trying to do. What you are saying is nothing new when it comes
    to what education and teaching means in our country. However,
    as long as the perception remains that a child's brain is
    "empty" and needs to be filled with knowledge by others, the
    educational system as it is set up currently will stay just
    like it is.

    Just look at how authentic Montessori schools are set up.
    Teachers are guides that set up the environment for the
    children to be able to make independent choices, move at their
    own pace and teach themselves. That has been the case since
    the early 1900's and those kinds of schools support what you
    are saying. However, except for taking bits and pieces from
    that philosophy, nothing much has changed in traditional
    education when it comes to how children learn best. I find
    that what you described as what would work best as a teaching
    model to be correct. However, there is a reason so many
    parents are going the homeschooling or unschooling route. They
    sense that something is not "right" in those classrooms where
    teachers "teach" and the students are vessels to be filled. I
    just don't think there will be any drastic changes in my
    lifetime when it comes to how adults continue to perceive what
    it means to teach in schools. It is too ingrained in our
    society's mindset.

    Are you a teacher? I was just curious.