Re: "Chrysanthemum" Name Graph

    I would like to join, thanks. Where can I send my email and
    school info?

    On 8/08/14, Sharon wrote:

    > I'm looking for a few other kindergarten classrooms that

    > would like to create classroom name graphs inspired by the

    > story "Chrysnathemum" by Kevin Henkes. Each class would

    > create a graph of the length of their students' names in

    > their class, take a photo of the completed graph and email

    > it to the other participating classes. Each individual

    > teacher can then decide how to share the data: post photos

    > of each class' graph on a board, create a slide show, or

    > make a book of the name graphs. Other activities may

    > include finding the longest/shortest name out of all the

    > classes, or finding what names appear most often.