Re: Anyone using Lucy Caulkins?

    We've done writers workshop a la Lucy Calkins for years. We
    ordered the K-2 Units of Study several years ago and I
    reference them often. Since they are K-2, not just K, you have
    to use your own experience and adapt. But, also, in the past
    several years you can purchase what we call "Lucy e-docs". We
    bought them a couple of years ago for $10 (they also have them
    for readers workshop). I assume they're still on sale - you
    can probably google or search the Teachers College Writing
    Project in NY to find them. They are specifically for
    kindergarten and are a very good guideline.

    I love all of Lucy's research in reading and writing and think
    it's very developmentally appropriate for our kindergarten
    children if done right.

    On 8/23/14, Flacka wrote:
    > We do but with some modifications. The original
    > program stated with grade 1 so my district developed
    > a whole illustration unit for kindergarten. Like any
    > curriculum, there are parts I like better than others.
    > On 8/23/14, krea wrote:
    >> Just curious if anyone is using the Lucy Caulkins
    > Writing
    >> Program. We are beginning it this year. Thanks!