Re: Pros and cons of teaching Zaner-Bloser vs D'Nelian in Kinde

    On 8/27/14, Flacka wrote:
    > Both of my kids learned to write with D'Nealian back in
    > the late 80s when the teachers spent a lot of time
    > teaching handwriting and the kids spent a lot of time
    > practicing it. It was supposed to be more like cursive
    > so the kids could easily transition from manuscript to
    > cursive. My kids are now both grown and neither one
    > of them uses cursive. Ever. That ease of transitioning
    > to cursive didn't "stick".
    > On 8/26/14, Homelight wrote:
    >> Hi,I would appreciate hearing from those who have
    > taught
    >> either of these manuscript styles. Our school is
    > considering
    >> a change to D'Nelian, but I have concerns.Thank you
    > for your
    >> advice!

    Being a military family we got to experience 5 different school
    districts and pretty much 5 different approaches to teaching
    handwriting. My 1st and 4th learned "stick & ball" printing.
    The 2nd and 5th learned D'Neilian. And the poor 3rd kid started
    with D'Neilian in K, we moved and his 1st grade teacher was
    beside herself that he kept putting those silly curls on all his
    letters. :-/ Both of the kids who learned stick & ball and
    then cursive, still use cursive and have nice handwriting. The 2
    that learned D'Neilian tend to print now (I think it's more of a
    coincidence than anything else). I will say that the kids who
    learned D'Neilian did have an easier transition to cursive, but
    none of them struggled that much (except the one who had the
    combo, his handwriting to this day is atrocious!).
    As a preschool teacher I don't care for D'Neilian. It just goes
    against my grain to make something harder for younger kids (when
    their fine motor skills are less developed) in an effort to make
    it easier down the road.