Alphabet Theme
    HP in K

    I am working in the inner city on a Literacy grant in a k
    class. I will be teaching an 8 week 1.5 hr 4 day a week
    unit entitled fun with letters. The plan is we each teach 8
    wk unit and then move to the next class. of course it may
    change depending on the needs of the class and It's very
    open as long as we are use plenty of read alouds etc. I
    have several alphabet learning center activities and ideas
    but I need to make a simple outline set up by weeks. I
    am truly struggling with how to organize this. I do not
    want to do a letter a week or day (as it comes out to 32
    days) Week 1 I planned to read several books and talk
    about the letters in our names. I really need guidance
    with an order as to week 2-8 I would greatly appreciate it.