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I have two daily "I miss my mommy" criers. I tried "bring a stuffed friend", "Make a picture for Mommy", The Kissing Hand story. I have had criers before, but none of them hung around me at recess like these two. Any insights?
Diane I had success with a little girl when I suggested she keep a photo of Mommy in the outside pocket of her backpack. Anytime she missed Mommy she had permission to look in the backpack at her Mommy's smile. It took about a week for her to not need to peek at it anymore. It stayed in the back pack for months however.

I also tell kids it's oka...See More
Sep 6, 2014
kinderesl My crier this year responds best to "we have to do A and B and C before we can go home" We made a list all the things we had to do (math, reading, writing, lunch, recess, stations, music, story time) with "go home" last on the list. I taped it to his table. When we complete something on the list he gets to mark it off. When he starts to tear up I r...See More
Sep 6, 2014

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