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The new OHIO KRA is a nightmare to administer. The ONLY way it would work would be to have a sub in the room and test outside of constant distraction. OR bring in a testing team to administer test while the teacher resumes teaching. -It is ridiculously time consuming. -You are expected to test and maintain meaningful classroom activities (mind you I have 24 kids - no -help - it is the beginning of the year - many of my kiddos NEVER had a preschool experience. -the child being tested has a hard time focusing in the classroom. -It is overkill - and gives little useful information. -The test is a state money-maker at the kids expense. -I am a seasoned teacher and this test tells me zip - and I haven't found one kindergarten teacher who feels differently. -We do it because it is mandated - but not one K-teacher I know sees its value. Sum it up: Insane
pksped I am going for training tomorrow for the latest and greatest preschool mandatory ODE testing tool. After the changes I've heard about with the KRA, I am afraid...very afraid. I'm offended that ODE says that the new KRA is to determine the quality of preschools in the state....yet they keep it so super top secret that they won't even tell us what is...See More
Sep 14, 2014
Froggy Im so glad to read your post, as I am feeling the same way! My kids have been assessed enough already! The KRA is terrible. I have no idea how to assess some of the observations because many of the items are not something kids do naturally!!! What is the ODE thinking??? My poor students are losing quality teaching time because of this insane assess...See More
Oct 6, 2014

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