New KRA

    The new OHIO KRA is a nightmare to administer. The ONLY
    way it would work would be to have a sub in the room and
    test outside of constant distraction. OR bring in a testing
    team to administer test while the teacher resumes teaching.
    -It is ridiculously time consuming.
    -You are expected to test and maintain meaningful classroom
    activities (mind you I have 24 kids - no -help - it is the
    beginning of the year - many of my kiddos NEVER had a
    preschool experience.
    -the child being tested has a hard time focusing in the
    -It is overkill - and gives little useful information.
    -The test is a state money-maker at the kids expense.
    -I am a seasoned teacher and this test tells me zip - and I
    haven't found one kindergarten teacher who feels differently.
    -We do it because it is mandated - but not one K-teacher I
    know sees its value. Sum it up: Insane