Re: Parent teacher conferences

    On 10/24/14, Flacka wrote:
    > Wow, 30 min conference X 24 students = 12 hours of
    > conferences. That's a long day and even longer when you
    > add in meal breaks.

    Our district gives us a 5-day week of minimum days with
    students, and we do conferences in the afternoons. I scheduled
    20 minute conferences, 5-10 minutes between each conference.
    Ours were this past week -- I was at school 3-1/2 hours after
    school got out on Mon and Weds, and 4-1/2 hours on Tues and
    Thurs. Today I finished up and got out of there 2 hours after
    school got out. I did have breaks and was able to get a lot
    of reorganizing done during said breaks!