Re: whole-group math counting activities

    Thanks. This child has older siblings and is a very outgoing and
    confident child. Here K is full day. We kept three children and
    grandchildren out of K and just started them in first and they
    did just fine as a six or seven year old. The one we did start
    in K, there was a lot of the craft type stuff and he needed the
    fine motor practice. Since this particular child is already at a
    level to be needing to progress beyond 1-10, I was just
    wondering what teachers who teach whole group math do for kids
    like this one. The last thing she would want to do is have me
    'work" with her after being at school all day. The intention
    sounds good, but in reality she will want to just chill out or
    play with friends and siblings.

    We have two schools to consider by next week for enrollment and
    right now we are leaning towards one that offers more
    academically and socially then the school her siblings attend.
    Again, thank you for a response!