Re: 4 year old not in school yet

    There are plenty of children who don't go to preschool for
    any number of reasons and do fine when they get to
    kindergarten. If the mother is working with the little girl to
    help her get ready for kindergarten (socially, emotionally,
    as well as academically), I don't see a problem. If she is
    the youngest child she may have gotten the vibes that her
    mom wasn't ready to let her "baby" go or maybe the little
    girl just wasn't ready to go, didn't like the place or any
    number of other reasons. So many preschools have
    gotten on the "academic train" and make the kids sit and
    do worksheets, give them homework, etc. which is totally
    inappropriate IMO.

    If the girl doesn't want to go to kindergarten, then THAT is
    a problem but honestly, even K isn't required in most

    On 2/15/15, Cfor wrote:
    > My niece's little girl went to Jk the first day of school
    > maybe tried another day and then told her mother that
    > she didn't want to go back. She told her mother to tell
    > teacher to take her name off the class list. When the
    > is asked about school she says she will go to school
    > when she turns five. My niece has three older children
    > who have always gone to school willingly. Do you think
    > my neice has done the right thing to keep her youngest
    > daughter at home for this year?